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Welcome to our new pre-entry process!  We realize that when you get to a show, it's busy, and you don't always have time to hang out and fill out forms!  We are also excited to offer you the opportunity to pay via PayPal.  We hope this new process will make the shows more convenient and simple for you, as well as our office staff, resulting in a faster, more seamless event!  

Choose the event you wish to enter:













Fill out the form and click "Submit!"  Just like that, you have no annoying paperwork to complete at the show! 

**Please note - Even if you submit the entry form online, you will NOT be entered into your classes until your invoice is paid in full, either via PayPal, or paid in person at the show.  


If you are entering more than one of the events offered (for example, you are riding in Ranch classes on Saturday and also running in the Barrel Race Sunday), you will have to complete separate entry forms for each (Sorry!  It's the only way to be sure we get you entered correctly in everything!)  One horse/rider combo per form please!  Again, it's the only way for us to be certain we get you correctly entered!

DO - Still bring a copy of your coggins to the show!  You are required to have them on the grounds at all times, for any horse you are bringing to the event, whether you are showing the horse or not.


DO - Feel free to pop by the office at any time prior to the start of the show to confirm your entries, even if you pay via PayPal.


DO - Remember all shavings for stalls MUST be purchased from the San Antonio Rose Palace at the show.  Just pop by the show office as soon as you arrive at the Rose Palace to get your stall unlocked and our barn manager, Joy Kretzer, will get you set up with shavings.  No outside shavings allowed.  


DO - Feel free to email Joy Kretzer at to reserve your stalls and RV spots, especially if there are specific spots you would like reserved for your group.


We appreciate you trying out our new pre-entry process!  If there are improvements we can make, please email your suggestions to me!


As always, thank you for growing with us! 

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