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November 25, 2016

Our Fall Series started out with a bang!  We really appreciate everyone who came out.  We had 17 kiddos in our Assisted classes on Sunday for the Speed Series!  What a wonderful way to kick off a new circuit!  

Huge congratulations to all of our Spring Circuit winners.  If you didn't pick up your circuit awards at the September show, please make sure to pick them up at the October show.  They're pretty awesome awards and a few folks have offered to "take them home and just keep them safe" for y'all if you don't get them in October!! (Haha)  

Voting just closed on three issues for 2017.  Results of the ballot will be announced soon.  Thanks to all members who contributed their opinions and placed their votes!  

Our next show is October 15, and playday October 16.  We have had lots of compliments on the changes the city of Seguin has made to the facility and the dirt.  We have also made drastic changes to our Sunday show, cutting the classes down from 8 to 4, and giving people the option of an affordable $50.00 all-day fee.  If you haven't tried us out yet for speed events since all the changes have been made, we'd love to see you in October!  

As always, Facebook is a great place to get the most up-to-date information about the club, as well as see lots of club photos.  Just search AAYHA and "like" us so you can stay up to speed on all things AAYHA!

Can't wait to see y'all in October!




AAYHA Board of Directors



AAYHA is on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat & now Pinterest!  Find us on any of these by searching “AAYHA.”  We are also on DropShots and have thousands of photos uploaded from previous shows. 


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