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What time do the shows start?

Saturday shows start at 8:00am and Sunday Shows start at 9:30. The class schedule is available online and will be posted at the shows.


Which division is best for me?

The club offers many divisions: 



In-Hand (All Ages)

Assisted (All Ages)

Youth Walk-Trot (18 & Under)  

Adult Walk-Trot (19 & Over)

12 & Under Walk-Trot

Youth Lope (18 & Under)  

Adult Lope (19 & Over)

Ranch Horse (All Ages)




8 & Under


19 & Over

What is the In-Hand Division?

The In-Hand division is open to all horses, ponys & mini's.  It is comprised of In-Hand Trail, Halter, Color & Showmanship.  Daily High Point & Reserve High Point awards & Circuit awards are given for In-Hand.


Do the divisions with 4  classes still compete for a daily high point award?

Yes even divisions with just 4  classes are competing for daily show High Point, Reserve High Point and Circuit End Awards.


What are work points?

1 work point=1 hour of volunteer time (set up trail patterns, ring steward, run judge cards, ect.). To be eligible for Circuit End awards it takes 6 work points per rider. See a board member at the show to learn about available volunteer opportunities.  In lieu of volunteering, members can opt to "buy out" of work points for $60.00 per circuit.


Can I pre enter once for the series?

Yes for 2016 you can fill out one entry form and designate which shows you would like to pre enter. All club forms are typically located below the show office and at


Do I have to be a member to ride for a daily High Point Award?

No you do not, but non member class fee is $15.00, members $10.00. After 3 classes, you're saving money, plus a membership qualifies you for Circut awards, and gives you the ability to vote on club issues (ages 18+). 


Does my horse need a current coggins to be on the grounds?

Yes - whether you are showing him or not.


Do you offer scholarships?

Yes we do.


Do you offer entry level show opportunities?

Yes! AAYHA offers multiple divisions:  Assisted, 12 & Under, Walk/Trot for youth, Walk/Trot for adults, as well as classes for non-riders.  All divisions have daily High Point & Reserve High Point awards, and Circuit end awards. 


I entered a class as exhibition and the judge asked me to leave when I backed my horse up?

Exhibitors paying a class “exhibition” entry fee will conform to the flow of the class and the judge’s commands to class participants from the moment entering the arena to lining up in front of the judge. If at any point an exhibitor is determined to be a distraction to class participants or impeded the flow of the class being judged, the judge has the authority to excuse an exhibitor from the class.


What if my horse gets hurt, can I sub another horse?

The only exception to the one-horse-one-rider rule on Saturdays is the documented proof of injury. Pregnancy and sale of a horse are not acceptable reasons since both are a choice and can be avoided. Changes in horse must be brought to the attention of the show office before using a substitute horse. Failure to do so will result in points from that show not being included towards Circuit end high point. Only one horse may be used for substitution during a show season. For 2016 we have eliminated the one-horse-one-rider rule for Sundays.


I was told I tied for High Point, but after the office did a tie breaker I was the Reserve High Point, Why?

Ties for daily, and year-end awards, will be broken by the participant with the most number of 1st place finishes. If the number of 1st place finishes are the same, then the tie will be broken by the participant with the most number of 2nd place finishes, and so on until a winner is determined. In the event that there is still tie after comparing all placing, the winner will be decided by a coin toss.


I Thought I was 3rd in the year to date points, but they told me the first show the points didn’t count Why?

Your first show you competed as a non member and bought your membership at your second show. Points will not accumulate towards year-end awards until a participant’s membership fee has been paid. Points earned by non-members will only be used towards daily awards.


I only show in Halter classes, can I win anything?

AAYHA offer awards per show for all Halter & Color classes, in addition to Circuit End Awards for every Halter & Color class. 


I entered a color class and the judge asked me to leave, seemed unfair?

All horses are divided into one of two categories: Solids (Bays, Sorrels, Grays, Palominos, Buckskins etc.) or Non-Solids (Paints, Appaloosas, etc.) The class entered is determined by the horse coloration. The judge has the discretion to determine if a participant’s horse is unsuited for the color class it is entered in and to disqualify a participant. A disqualification will result in no points for the class.


Please explain the new pre-entry process, I’m tired of filling a entry form out every show?

For the 2015 season AAYHA will have one form for you to fill out, you will mark the shows you plan to attend for the year. When you check in at the shows office, we will have your form ready for you. We hope you all find this an improvement for 2014.


I’m afraid to pre-enter, if for some reason I can’t make it I’ll have to pay, is that right?

Answer is NO, if you pre-enter for a show and don’t make it, all we do is throw the form away.


My uncle said he would help sponsor AAYHA, Were does the money go?

All sponsor monies go to our year end awards budget. AAYHA is a 501C3, which can provide donation letters to all sponsors for a tax deduction for their contribution.


AAYHA will update the questions as the season progresses. Keep the questions rolling in. Without your feedback, we can’t improve the show. And our goal is to provide you and your families a great show experience, one that you can be proud to tell a friend, “Try out AAYHA; you will like it!”



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