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At AAYHA, we have always offered "Assisted" classes.  However, when it was pointed out to us that there are very few open horse shows with specific classes for Equestrians With Disabilities (EWD), we decided it would be a wonderful opportunity to give back to these very special members of our horse show community!


Currently we have two EWD shows scheduled:  January 6 and September 1.  The reason for only two shows is that this is new to us, and we aren't sure what the response will be like from participants.  If we have three or more participants, that tells us there is a definite need, and we are happy to add more dates to the 2018 schedule for EWD riders!  


Patterns for 2018 will be made available as soon as possible.  They are currently being built and will be posted no later than 12/20/2017

Pre-registering is not necessary, however, it would be helpful for us to have an idea of how many riders we should expect in January.  We are doing some special awards and need to be sure we have enough of everything!  Please TEXT the number of EWD riders you are bringing to Carla Martini at 512-787-6340 or email 

Need stalls/RV hookups?


Email our barn manager at so she can have your stalls assigned and unlocked before you arrive!


Show check-in at the barn starts at 1:00pm on Friday.




EWD Shows



January 6

April 7

June 2*


is Currently PENDING

Our Board is currently working diligently on this.  Check back for more info

* = Double Judged

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